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Wilmette Tribe Hockey Club for Ages 4-8 (Mites)

(Birth year 2011 and younger)

Looking for Youth Hockey (Ages 9 & Up) visit the Wilmette Braves Hockey Association.    

Is Travel Right for Me?

By Tom Finks, Director of Coaching Operations 07/26/2018, 9:00pm CDT


As a child enters hockey, our first priority is to build GENUINE confidence,  basic fundamental skills and a love for the game. 
Early on, we want kids constantly "graduating" --constantly collecting positive experiences in order to develop into passionate hockey players.
We always want to promote (as opposed to demote) in the early stages. 
These positive experiences are essential. And patience is critical.
Entering travel fall/winter travel hockey too soon can often lead to a counter productive experience--sometimes resulting in early retirement from a player that was pushed too hard too soon.   Hockey becomes consuming and frustrating rather then fun and productive. 
Please keep in mind Fall/Winter Travel Hockey is much more competitive than spring.
If your child is highly ambitious but not ready for travel, choose House League Hockey and add other sports to his/her menu.  This is a great and productive option.
Multi-sport experiences provide tremendous athletic, psychological and life-style advantages that provide big payoffs down the road. Hockey players with soccer, flag football and basketball experience gain athletic skills, develop a full range of coordination and learn concepts that apply directly to the game of hockey.   Ask any of your hockey coach leaders.  Down the road, the best hockey players are always the multi-sport athletes. 
In sum, for the long term, you cannot lose.  Or maybe more directly--your child will not "fall behind."
If a child is ready for travel--great!  Let's go.  
If a child is not ready for travel, House league hockey will get him/her there and you will have the opportunity to play and learn through other sports..
Both choices with pay off with a happy, productive young athlete with a great future in hockey.
If you have specific questions about your child, please consult with our House League Coaching Director Joe Heaton at the contact below.

Mite 1 player Charles Dion represents the Wilmette Tribe during the National Anthem at the Blackhawks vs Ducks game

Mite 1 D2 Spring Glacier Invitational Champions

Mite 1 player Jack O'Dell represented the Wilmette Tribe during the national anthem at the Jan 5th Blackhawks vs Knights game.

Coach Rafe Aybar Being Honored by Wilmette Hockey for his years of contribution to youth hockey and his induction into the IL Hockey Hall of Fame.