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Tryout Process and Philosophy

Tryout Process

All Mites competing for travel team must participate in ALL THREE tryouts.

To help reduce stress on players, parents and coaches, all tryouts are "CLOSED." No parents or siblings are allowed in the stands or rink area while tryout sessions are in progress. After helping your player in the locker room, please exit the rink. Parents and siblings may wait in the lobby.

If you have a team declaration to make, please make sure it is sent in writing to Rob Schelp, Tribe President before the start of Try Outs in order to be eligible for a season fee refund. Per the refund policy, refunds will not be given for withdrawals after rosters are published. 

Tryout Philosophy

Individual players have ambition and want to make the highest playing level team possible. Players that earn that opportunity will be provided that opportunity.  Thus, at each tryout, the opportunity to make the highest playing level team is afforded to all players--equally.  Using all of our resources, our coaches will attempt to choose and place the most competitive team as possible. 

Click here to review criteria used to determine player placement.

On the ice, players are put in "apples to apples" competitive platforms so coaches can see if the player out-performs the opponent, competes equally to or is out-played in such match ups. Players are continually moved according to those match up results. Coaches take notes regarding productivity, skills, coach-ability and hockey sense.

In post try-out deliberations, team coaches are required to clearly articulate--with concrete hockey and team attitude reasons--their opinion and rating on all players. 

Coaches are challenged on their opinions by the coaching director, other coaching colleagues and club skill directors. 

Past coaches submit written reports, may be called for additional insights or asked to join the meeting and contribute.

Fall/Winter and Spring Player Scouting Reports are collected at the end of each season and used for reference.

Any coaching "conflicts of interest" are raised at the start of every meeting and those coaches abstain from discussions regarding those specific players.

Finally, a WHA/Tribe board member sits in each player selection meeting as an independent observer of the process..

As expressed above, our coaching staff works very, very hard to "get it right."  Like you, coaches want to win hockey games more than anything and they realize tenacity, skill and coach-ability are all important factors. 

That said, this is sports!  Even more, this is YOUTH SPORTS and therefore a very fluid situation from day to day and month to month.   Will we get it 100% correct?  Probably not!  Perfection is nearly impossible to project in this forum--ask any of our professional sports teams.  But I can assure you--no club will work harder than the Wilmette Tribe Hockey Club to be fair and thorough. We are proud of our approach.