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House Plus

Registration is Open!

The Registration "House Plus" is not currently available.

Program Overview

We are delighted to announce the beginning of the House Plus season! The goal of the program is to expose our House League players to full ice,  travel hockey in a low-key, accessible way. There are no standings, trophies, stickers, awards, patches or ribbons. We just play hockey.

Led by the Wilmette Tribe and Wilmette Braves professional travel coaches, your child will begin to learn the approach, habits, preparation and love for playing hockey at the Travel level.

We will talk about and teach game preparation--including a little education about food, hydration and behavior before, during and after the game. Kids will learn to manage their own equipment, get ready for battle and hit the ice like a real Travel player.

We will encourage focus on the bench, short shifts and a higher tempo game. Most important, we encourage having fun because hockey is a game--the best game in the universe! House Plus is just a sample of what it takes to play the fastest game and the most exciting level.

All House Plus teams are part of the same league as the fall mite travel teams - CUHL (Chicago United Hockey League) except it is designed to be more 'local' - playing teams around the Northshore community.

Many of Wilmette’s Squirt, Peewee and Bantam players have started their travel careers in House Plus.  House Plus is also a great way for families to familiarize themselves with travel hockey before jumping into a full fall season.  

We plan on fielding 2 teams.  Team designation will be determined after evaluations based on player skill level.  House Plus has 8 full ice games and House Plus Minor has 6 full ice games.  Having a House Plus and Mini Mite team enables us to expand the House Plus experience to Junior Mites and service a larger variety of skill levels.

Both teams will also have practices every other week.

Who can participate?

The House Plus program consists of two House Plus and Mini Mites teams selected from the members of the Senior/Junior Mite House teams.  You must be an active Wilmette Tribe House member to participate in House Plus. Please understand that because of roster size restrictions, this program is geared toward players that are ready for the pace and expectations of a mini travel season.

My child is a Devo Mite, why can they not register?

In the interest of ensuring a good House Plus experience for each young hockey player, the Wilmette Tribe will be focusing on just 2 teams with kids that are closest to making the jump to travel hockey.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to Joe Heaton (in person or via email):

Joe Heaton

Coaching Team

The teams will be coached by a group of professional travel coaches from the Tribe and the WHA Braves.  

The coaches will teach the basics of tempo, smart line changes, team defense and fore-checking angles.  Players will begin to understand the value of controlling the puck with your head up, protecting the puck with your body and passing the puck to an open teammate.   Players will learn that Wilmette Hockey is not just about goals--it's about the little battles won all over the ice.

Important Dates & Times

A kick off meeting will be held at Wilmette Centennial during the Jr/Sr Mite practice AT 8am on Saturday, December 14th.  Coach Joe will discuss the program and take your questions in the stands. 

Evaluations - TBD.  

The season runs from December 16, 2018 through March 3, 2019.  There are no practices or games from Dec 22 – Jan 6.  Games will begin in the new year after we return from winter break.

The first practices will be: - TBD

Starting in January practice sessions alternates every other Saturday from 3:55-4:55PM at Centennial Studio.

Starting in January, the House Plus team will play 6-8 full ice games and .  We try to schedule games for Saturday or Sunday, but there may be an evening game during some weeks depending on ice and opponent availability.

Does this conflict with the regular house schedule?

House Plus is designed to run in addition to the existing schedule.  Your player will still attend all regular practices/games for their current house team when possible.  When scheduling the games, we will do our best to avoid conflicts. However, in travel hockey, game times on opponents’ ice cannot be fully controlled.  Tight timing or overlap with house league events may occur.  If a conflict is unavoidable, the House Plus game would take priority. 


Team Information

How are the teams selected?

Evaluations will be held on TBD, on the Studio Ice at Centennial Ice Arena, for all players registered for House Plus.  

Depending on the number of players, tryouts may be broken into two groups. The team of Wilmette Tribe & Wilmette Braves Travel coaches will evaluate each player and select players based on their skill level.  They will determine if your player is best suited for the House Plus or the Mini Mite team. If you have questions about the selection process and what your players needs to do to be “travel ready” please see Joe Heaton or Tom Finks.

What other teams will we play?

Our teams will be part of group of similar programs located close to Wilmette including Winnetka, Skokie, Glenview, and Northbrook.

Do we need goalies?

Yes!  Goalies are the anchor of each team and vital to success. In House Plus we offer a Part Time goalie position (new for this year). This means they skate half the games and play goalie in the other half. We believe this approach gives players the ability to try the goalie position without having to make a full season commitment.  No prior goalie experience is necessary.

Goalie gear in House Plus is provided by the club and we offer a registration discount for players that sign up to be Part Time goalies (max of 2 per team).

If we do not have a dedicated goalie for either team, players will take turns in the net. 


House Plus is truly the best deal in hockey!

  • House Plus Skater Fee $600
  • Part Time Goalie $270   

Players must be registered and paid in full prior to the evaluations.h.  

In addition to all the extra practices and games with top notch travel coaches, each House Plus player will receive a new jersey for games.


Please review our refund policy.


Registration is Open!

The Registration "House Plus" is not currently available.

Contact Information

You can email Jamie Dix or Rob Schelp to answer any other questions.